Visit from the Robin Cancer Trust

Events - Posted 16/04/2018 10:48

Toby started his talk by explaining the reasons behind why the charity was started, this was due to the death of Toby’s brother Robin who died of testicular cancer aged 24, he then went onto start ‘talking bollocks’ as Toby would say, asking what the young people knew about cancer and some of the facts around Testicular and Ovarian cancer. Toby then played a quick video around how girls can check for symptoms of ovarian cancer and what to look out for, the young people responded really well, they were very engaged and took lots of pictures,

Zach was then given the embarrassing task of showing how to check your balls using a set of prosthetic testicles this gave everyone a good laugh but also worked really well to get the message across.

All in all It was a great visit and we are looking forward to seeing them again on Friday 13th April over at our Cornard session.

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