Our Venture Programme reaches its climax

Events - Posted 06/11/2017 21:34

The event was held at Ivy Farm which is Greenpath Ventures’ base. We were greeted upon arrival by John Wills from Greenpath Ventures and 3 of his staff members. We were taken on a tour of the farm visiting the Chickens, Sheep, Horses and Pigs in the process. Next stop was lunch. There was rumours that we would not be feeding anyone during the camp but we thought that would be too harsh so the young people got into groups and were tasked with making lunch for everyone.  After lunch is where the challenges started. Each young person divided into groups or on their own had to create a shelter that would give them a restful and comfortable sleep for the evening. This is easier said than done, just ask anyone involved!

After a lot of group dynamics and arguing eventually everyone had something that resembled a shelter. Some more inviting than others. To earn food for their evening meal and breakfast for the following day youngsters were scored on their skills, their team spirit and their effort. 8 Chicken breasts were earned through some precision slingshot work and tomahawk throwing at targets.  The fire was created successfully to cook on and even the food prep and clean up was done almost seamlessly. It was so encouraging to see everyone getting stuck in and helping each other. After some initial difficulty gelling as a group the atmosphere was relaxed and fun.  After a filling meal of chicken pasta and fresh baked camp fire bread made by some of the young people we set out on a night hike with our headtorches flickering light fireflies. We headed down to the beach to do some star gazing.  It was a great moment to sit down and reflect on the whole Venture process and just how far each individual has come over the 6 months.

With darkness and cold all around the only thing left to do was go sleep. 10pm lights out curfew was surprisingly easy to police as everyone was extremely tired from the days excitement and activities. The next morning blurry eyed survivors gathered around the fire again for some well-earned cooked breakfast. An awards ceremony followed where each person was presented with an exclusive Venture  hoodie that read “ I survived Venture 2017”. This was a great laugh presenting people with nicknames they had earned during the camp.  After goodbyes to the animals and staff back we got into the minibus and headed home ready to get that smell of bonfire out of our clothes.

A huge thank you to the team at Greenpath Ventures for providing such a memorable experience for all involved!

This concludes our pilot of the Venture programme.

Watch this space for news on VENTURE 2018 where we have plenty more ideas and challenges prepared

If you are interested in joining the next Venture contact us at youthworker1@porchproject.co.uk

More pics on our media page.

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