Horizons debuts with a visit to The Jim Lawrence Iron Works

Events - Posted 06/11/2017 21:54

The tour started in the showroom where Jim explained how the company started and showed the young people the different products that they make at the foundry, next up we had a tour of the factory floor, meeting the staff and seeing how the machinery works first hand as well as some of the staff explaining their particular roles and how they got into the industry, we then moved up into the marketing and design area, meeting the in house photography team and having a look round the photography studio, our last stop before questions was to meet the accounting team where Jim explained how some of the accountants had worked their way up from the factory floor and into the accounting team by showing great work ethic and an interest in accounting, we ended the tour back in the showroom where we had a Q&A session with Jim. The young people were really receptive to this and asked some brilliant questions and the advice Jim gave to them about interview etiquette.

Finally, we worked with the young people filling in their individual working documents (nicknamed “broadening my Horizons”) where they slowly build up there working portfolio as they move through the course, these documents are all based around their individual ambitions and aspirations, the packs also contain feedback forms to be filled out after every session.

Our next session is Wednesday 22 nd  November at The Lindsey Rose, where the young people will be meeting the cooks and front of house team as well as getting hands on cooking their own courses with the chefs, this looks like it’s going be a very popular session, so it'll be on a first come first serve basis.

Contact Zach youthworker3@porchproject.co.uk for more info.

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