What's normal, what's not?

As children develop into teenagers and teenagers into young adults, it’s sometimes difficult to decide what’s normal behaviour and what’s not.

These are some of the issues or developing behaviours where young people may need some professional additional one-to-one support:

High risk behaviours.

High risk behaviours which may seriously affect their long term physical and mental health- drug and alcohol misuse, eating disorders, inappropriate sexual activity.

Depression and anxiety.

Frequent sadness and tearfulness, lack of interest or inability to enjoy activities, feelings of hopelessness, becoming isolated from friends and family, increased irritability, anger or hostility, lack of interest in personal care, poor concentration, changes to sleeping or eating habits, self harm, or suicidal thoughts.

Relationship issues.

Bullying or being bullied, physical or emotional abuse, excessive dependence on a peer/ adult, frequent absences from school, or not doing well at school, relationships  becoming difficult with parents or siblings at home, parents divorcing or re-marrying, bereavement within the family or a close friend.

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What's new

Funding + Support - Posted 24/08/2017 14:25

Grant award from Nordson Dage

We are extreemly grateful to Nordson Dage for supporting the Project with a grant for £2,400 to get our Horizons Programme up and running.

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Events - Posted 18/08/2017 23:06

WW1 Battlefield Tour for members of the Porch Project

On August 8th & 9th the Porch Project were fortunate enough to be able to take seven young people to France on a two-day WW1 Battlefield Tour. This was made available to us by Mark Brennan and the Hadleigh Great War Centenary Project, www.hadleighww1.com . What a wonderful opportunity for local young people to witness first-hand the great sacrifice and bravery of their local forefathers.

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Events - Posted 18/08/2017 22:43

Suffolk Police & Crime Commissioner visits The Porch Project

On July 28th the Porch Project were very pleased to welcome Tim Passmore, the Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner our temporary offices in Corks Lane.

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Events - Posted 31/07/2017 13:40

Summer Celebration and AGM

Thank you to everyone who came along to our Summer Celebration & AGM and to the Lindsey Rose for providing the delicious food.

We are very grateful for the continuing support from the local community.

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Events - Posted 12/06/2017 23:04

Bra Ha Ha

Look out in Hadleigh High Street for our display in Paddy & Scotts window.

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