Engaging with parents

Parents’ permission is required when a young person wants to register to join the Porch Project. All the information you provide will be held securely by the Project’s administrator and will only be available to group leaders.

Our project.

We are a youth-work based project and strongly believe in young people’s rights to decide what they want to tell their parents about and what they don’t.

However everyone working with young people at the project has a legal obligation to raise any concerns with the appropriate agencies and authorities where they believe physical or emotional abuse is taking place, or the young person is at risk of harming themselves or others. We have a documented safeguarding´╗┐ process in place for this.

Our youth workers.

The youth workers role is to encourage young people to talk freely and openly about anything that is bothering them and to guide young people to make their own informed choices and decisions. 

Youth workers do not make judgements, give opinions or tell young people what to do. No matter how good the parent(s) and young person’s relationship is, it’s not always easy for parents and young people to have the calm and supportive conversations they need to work through a problem without the conversation turning into an argument or an interrogation.

Our mentoring programme.

If a Youth Worker thinks a young person would benefit from joining our mentoring programme, they will talk to parents about what this involves. If they think a young person would benefit from counselling and the young person agrees, it is up to the young person to decide if they want to tell their parents about this. 

However in most instances we work with a young person and their parents on any issues that arise and in many instances parents have contacted us about any concerns they have about their child.

Contact Us

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Youth Workers

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E youthworker2@porchproject.co.uk

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